lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

Marcio Kogan-Corto para la Bienal de Venecia

13. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura_ La Biennale di Venezia

StudioMK27 was selected to represent Brazil in the 13th Biennial of Architecture of Venice, together with the installation “Riposatevi”, of 1964, by the architect and urban planner Lúcio Costa. The pavilion, under the curatorship of the professor and author Lauro Cavalcanti, reinforces the dialogue among the different generations existing in modern Brazilian architecture. In this way, the relation with Costa’s project and the architecture of the pavilion itself exposes a retaking of the vigorous architecture in Brazil, after the long period of the post-construction crisis of Brasilia.
The never-before-seen installation of “Peep”, is a movie-installation directed by Lea Van Steen and Marcio Kogan, with photography by Cleisson Vidal, which shows, with the use of 18 cameras, 5 minutes of life during one of the projects of the office, House V4, located in São Paulo.
The architecture is a simple pretext to show life in the Monte family.
This fragmented movie will be shown through 18 peepholes placed in a wall built inside the Brazil Pavilion in the Giardini of Venice. The visitor can spy on 10 scenes from the front of the installation. Through small peepholes in the wall you’ll be able to see images of Mrs. Monte complaining insistently about the architect; about her anxious wait for the gym class with the charming personal trainer; and about sex with Mr. Monte, where she seems to be more concerned about her nails. All this while little Yuri plays with the employees of the house.
On the part behind the wall, 8 visors show side B of the house: an uninteresting machine room where the caretaker finds refuge and peace to pick his nose; the washing and drying machines work non-stop; and the housekeeper ironing some clothing with an incomprehensible design.

PEEP_ film exercise #1_ La Biennale di Venezia from studio mk27 on Vimeo.

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