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UK/CoD is the first U.S. entry in the International Concrete Design Competition for Students

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The UK/CoD is planning a travel studio in Rotterdam, Netherlands this fall. The studio will be organized around the 5th International Concrete Design Competition for Students, a bi-annual competition that promotes innovative uses for concrete. This year’s competition theme is “Energy,” and the competition will focus on concrete and its potential for design applications that reduce energy consumption.

Each student in the travel studio will produce a competition entry for their final project . Two winners from the studio will be selected and invited, along with laureates from five European partners, to participate in a workshop in Rotterdam in late August 2012.

The International Concrete Design Competition for Students is a biennial ideas and design competition for students in architecture, engineering, design and affiliated disciplines. It is organized and funded by a consortium of European cement and concrete associations. The aim of the competition is to promote innovative use of concrete as a material and technology. Students are invited to push a material’s potential to 'realize' ideas. The choice of a design topic or program is open and can range from building details to large structures, landscape projects or building complexes.

Siebe Bakker, architect, founder and director of bureaubakker, a firm that facilitates cross-disciplinary exchanges between various industries and educational institutions, will teach the fall travel studio. Gregor Zimmerman, CEO of Gtecz, Kassel, Germany; Erick Carcamo, founder of x/atelier, New York, NY; and Ad van der Kouwe of Manifesta, Rotterdam will provide additional instruction in materials, software and graphic design.

The studio will begin in Lexington with a one-week workshop 12-17 September. Siebe Bakker and Gregor Zimmerman will conduct this workshop, which will focus on ultra high performance concrete. Students will arrive in Rotterdam no later than 3 October and the studio will begin there on 6 October. The studio will conclude in Rotterdam with a final review of work on 25 November.

If you are interested in registering for this travel studio please contact the UK/CoD Student Services office to register 257-7623 or email codstudentservices@uky.edu.

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